Africans must go back totheir past

Apartheid law and theology still reign supreme within the South African framework.

The Roman-Dutch substance and Anglo-Saxon processes of both law and theology regarded children born out of wedlock as illegitimate.

They were seen as the offsprings of unlawful, forbidden and sinful sexual intercourse.

Apartheid law and theology called them bastards and deemed them of lesser status than children born in wedlock.

In post-apartheid South Africa you get beaten up and your property looted for speaking Xitsonga on the East Rand; or simply because you do not know what eyebrows are called in isiZulu in the streets of Alexandra and Tembisa.

An African child can only survive if Africans go back to the past.

In going back we find that Africans are spiritual people, as opposed to being religious.

Our spirituality guided us to treat each person with dignity and integrity.

We accept each other as a spirit, which only requires cleansing if needs be, and through rituals we return each being to purity.

In going into the future we strive to establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights and we seek to improve the quality of life of all citizens and to free the potential of each person, including those born out of wedlock and those born to parents from other countries.

Daniel Thulare, Benoni