Ntombi was friendly, streetwise

Dan Fuphe

Dan Fuphe

Ntombizandile Daphne Ngqelu was brought up knowing that in life there are many good and wonderful things other people can do for others. She was tutored to discern and know when it was time for her to enter into a lasting covenant with her creator.

Born on January 29 1969, Ngqelu spent most of her childhood frolicking with other kids her age in and around Bhele Street, Daveyton. She started school at Nqubela Lower Primary School before proceeding to Ntsikana Higher Primary School and later to Hulwazi and Unity secondary schools.

Her brother Mzimasi said this week: "Ntombizandile was flamboyant, friendly and streetwise. She was endowed with intelligence and a weird sense of humour. Her friends found her to be a bit domineering at times, but this was her nature. When the chips were down, she was always there coordinating things to the best of her ability."

As a young Christian and member of the Methodist Church, she firmly believed that neither life nor death, the present nor the future and other demonic forces had the power to separate her from the God she loved. This remained her resolve until her death on May 21. She was a committed, loyal and hard-working member of her church and a member of the Babylon Prayer Group, and was secretary of the church choir.

She is survived by her mother, two sisters and a brother.

Ngqelu will be buried at Lala Ngo Xolo Cemetery in Crystal Park tomorrow. The service will be held at the Methodist Church in Eiselen Street from 10:30am.