Simon wants to realise his dream to write

WORDSMITH: Simon Mamamshela. Pic. Elijar Mushiana. 04/2008. © Sowetan.
WORDSMITH: Simon Mamamshela. Pic. Elijar Mushiana. 04/2008. © Sowetan.

Frank Maponya

Frank Maponya

He says writing is in his blood, but Simon Mamashela's work has never been published, no matter how hard he's tried.

Mamashela, 21, of Segwahleng village in GaMashashane outside Polokwane, told Sowetan he was very frustrated.

He said he had tried to convince several publishers in the province about his writing talents but to no avail.

"I have a passion for writing, especially literature, but what I'm going through at the moment really demotivates me," he said.

He said the experience of not getting any promises was killing him inside.

Mamashela wrote a Sepedi drama in 2003 while he was at school and finished it in 2004.

The title of the book is Gatela pele, tsa morago di go paletse, which means move on and face the future as the past is gone.

He also has a pile of stories written in English and Sepedi which he would love to see in print.

"All I want is to see my work published so that one day I can be able to change people's lives.

"I'm currently working on a story which I hope can be read nationally and internationally.

"But I can't afford to give it away."

The tenacious writer said his talent was in his blood and that he was looking forward to developing it.

But he needs a sponsor.

"I can even write songs and poems. All I need is funds to help me realise my dreams."