'Son rapes, sjamboks, then strangles his mom'

Canaan Mdletshe

Canaan Mdletshe

Residents on a farm outside Umzinto on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast yesterday called on the court not to grant bail to a son accused of brutally raping and killing his mother.

Busisiwe Ntenzi Dlamini was allegedly raped, sjambokked, and then strangled to death by her 23-year-old son at their home on Mistake Farm last week.

Manqoba Bhabba Dlamini is expected to appear in the local magistrate's court today to apply for bail. He is facing charges of rape and murder.

Police spokesman Vincent Pandarum said Manqoba arrived home last week from a tavern and got into an argument with his mother before assaulting her.

"After the argument, he raped his mother before strangling her.

"A belt, a walking stick and sjambok were found at the scene."

Dlamini told police that when he arrived from the tavern, he found his mother lying dead on the floor of their single-room dwelling.

Community member Sakhiwo Gigaba said residents are in a state of shock. "This thing is inexplicable. Where on earth have you ever heard of a child raping and killing his own mother?

"We are living in a sick society where there is no respect for human life," Gigaba said.

Local councillor Muziwendoda Ncwane said neighbours believed the mother was killed after she and her son argued over money. The son allegedly wanted money for beer.

"There will be a meeting on Sunday where all the leaders, including the local izinduna, will meet to talk about the high rate of crime in our area and what needs to be done," Ncwane said.

"The community will also look at ways of strengthening the community policing forum."

Umzinto made headlines last year with the deaths of 12 women whose bodies were dumped in sugar cane fields. The victims were lured by promises of jobs, but were instead raped and then strangled.