rapist robbed of 'prey'

Vusi Ndlovu

Vusi Ndlovu

South Africa's worst serial rapist, Mongezi Jinxela, was a lone hunter, but was once humiliated and lost his pride in the terrain of other rapists.

Almost like a scene from the jungle of a leopard losing its prey to a pack of hyenas before it can enjoy its kill, Jinxela is expected to tell the Johannesburg magistrate's court next week how five men overpowered him, and raped a woman he had intended raping at Crown Mines in 2001.

Jinxela, 39, is serving a life sentence for rape, kidnapping, robbery, armed robbery, indecent assault, and escaping from custody.

He was sentenced in December last year.

Now he is expected to give evidence against two of the four men - Fana Motlatsi and Andile Mpongwana, - who are charged with rape and robbery.

The court is to hear how the four, and a Mozambican illegal immigrant who was not caught, forced him to watch while three of them took turns raping the woman he had taken to the deserted mine dump to rape.

Captain Zakhele Zwane said Jinxela had approached a woman in the Johannesburg city centre and promised her a job. The woman told him she was not interested because she was a student. She told him of a friend in Soweto who wanted a job.

Zwane said Jinxela suggested that they call the woman and arrange to meet her.

"Jinxela met the young woman in December 2001.

"He boarded a train with her and they alighted at Crown Mines station. When they arrived at the disused mine they encountered five men who pointed guns at them. They forced Jinxela to watch as three of them, including the one who was not arrested, took turns raping her. They then robbed Jinxela and the woman of their belongings," said Zwane.

Jinxela was robbed of his belt, a pair of takkies and a jacket while the woman was robbed of jewellery, money and some of her clothes. Zwane said Jinxela and the woman went to open a case at Booysens police station.

"Jinxela gave police a telephone number of the company where he was ostensibly taking the woman.

"He asked to use the toilet and vanished while the police phoned the place," Zwane said.