How to spot female wiles and take evasive action

Guess what, guys: Women don't play fair, especially when they want something and you stand between them and their goals.

Guess what, guys: Women don't play fair, especially when they want something and you stand between them and their goals.

Female manipulation of males is legendary and it isn't about to stop any time soon.

Whether women want forgiveness or a favour, they try every trick in the book to get their way.

While you can't prevent her from making attempts to fight dirty, you most definitely can spot the trickery in action and level the playing field by deflecting her underhanded actions.

Read on for tricks that women don't want you to know about, and ways to escape their manipulation without giving in.

l Tears

All women know that the easiest way to make a man uncomfortable is to cry.

Girls learn this tactic early - fathers give gifts to teary-eyed daughters and school teachers forgive bad behaviour at the onset of convincing waterworks.

Most women have perfected the art of crying to a point where it can be difficult to pinpoint an honest display.

Counterattack: When presented with a crying woman outside of actual traumatic scenarios, it's probably a good idea to remove yourself from the situation if you feel at all in doubt about her sincerity.

You can't bargain with tears, so avoid them instead.

l Bribery and rewards

Any woman you're involved with is going to have a good idea of what pushes your buttons and grabs your interest.

In desperate times she'll know exactly how to entice you.

She might come at you with the promise of tickets to a concert you've been talking about, a luxury item you've been eyeing, or the ever-popular sexual bargaining.

While men are accused of promising the world to get a woman into bed, women are notorious for promising the world for just about everything else.

Counterattack: Turn the tables and remove her ability to string you along.

If she's a bedroom briber, try decreasing your attempts to get her into bed or reacting to her sexuality, thereby cutting off the power she uses to get her way.

Is she big on the promise of flashy gifts?

Cut back on fancy dinners out and tell her you're saving for something for yourself.

She'll back off as soon as she sees that you'd rather pay your own way, especially if it cuts into money usually spent on her.

Will she get what she wants by flattering you?

l Flattery

Egos are fascinating things. They have a mind of their own and often respond to even the most insincere flattery and generic praise.

A woman heaping on the praise - whether it's about your looks, your bedroom skills, your job, whatever - will no doubt get the benefit of you in a good mood. What's the payoff for her?

Since you're feeling appreciated and respected, she figures that you'll be more willing to go along with her requests or demands.

Counterattack: It's hard not to want to believe the flattery, but pay attention to patterns.

If you get no compliments for weeks and is then suddenly overwhelmed with them right before she asks for something, it's time to ignore what she says and judge her on her actions instead.

Take the compliments and let things end there.

l Friend recruitment

The very astute woman will go right to the source in her quest to manipulate you - the one place you go to for your ideas and support. Your friends.

On a night out with your pals she might take advantage of moments alone with them and do all in her power to win them over and bring them to her stable.

Counterattack: Don't run to her friends to do the same.

Trust that your friends know you better.

Soon she will lose her ranting support system.

l Provoking jealousy

If she's trying to make a point, a woman won't flinch at playing games and involving others to help her.

Whether it's being overly flirtatious at the deli counter or accepting drinks from strangers at a bar, showing you that others find her desirable is a reminder you aren't the only game in town.

She's making the assumption that if you feel the risk of her being stolen away, you might work a little harder to keep her.

The result is a man who is more insecure and unsettled - hopefully enough to give her what she wants.

Counterattack: We don't suggest trying to make her jealous in return.

It is not worth the headache.

Ignore her attempts; if she flirts with someone else in front of you, just ask her later if she had a good time.

If you get worked up, she's won.

l Playing dumb/helpless

Women know that men love to be knights in shining armour.

So even if she's perfectly capable of figuring out or doing something for herself, she knows that playing dumb or helpless will signal her knight to come riding in to save the day whenever she wants or needs something.

Plus, it's hard for you to get angry or frustrated with her when she's letting you feel superior and relied upon, the two keys to this passive-aggressive tactic.

Counterattack: While there are times when she might genuinely need assistance, it's not OK for it to be the norm.

Feel free to aid when it's necessary, but be sure to enlist her help rather than take over so she doesn't just sit back and take advantage. -