SA roadies on black circus tour

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

Two roadies flew to Los Angeles in the US on Monday where they will tour 20 cities with UniverSoul Circus of Atlanta, Georgia.

The two technicians, Martin Stermer and Siviwe Gonya, will be in the US for six months working on UniverSoul's tour. The aim of the visit is to give them experience in staging live shows.

Stermer and Gonya specialise in stage lighting.

Now in its sixth year, this initiative has been jointly driven by the South African Roadies' Association (Sara) and UniverSoul.

The cities Stermer and Gonya will work in include New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

The Emmy Award-nominated and globally recognised UniverSoul Circus is the first African American-owned circus in the US in 112 years.

It was founded in 1994 by Cedric Walker to provide educational and inspiring entertainment for families in urban areas.

Walker first made contact with Sara in 2001 while the circus was on a tour of South Africa.