Change evident at netball camp

Linda Moreotsene

Linda Moreotsene

Netball South Africa's Cecilia Molokoane says she is satisfied with the attendance and progress made by the senior national squad at their training camp held in Tshwane at the weekend.

Molokoane, the director of selections, spoke at the conclusion of the four-day camp yesterday, which she hailed as a success.

"Twenty-four players came to the camp, and we could not be happier.

"Only six of them did not make it, either because they were busy with examinations while a couple were sidelined by injuries picked up playing in the Netball National League," Molokoane said.

Players have been known to miss camps, citing work commitments as the chief reason. Molokoane said it was significant that players who have done that before, such as Nthabiseng Moabi and Simnikiwe Malusi, made it this time.

"It shows that we are getting somewhere in terms of people recommitting themselves and showing that they are willing to play for their country," Molokoane said.

In the players' defence, it is difficult to make a full-time commitment to a sport viewed nationally as an amateur code.

Making netball professional could go a long way towards retaining our best players.

Malusi has spoken about how difficult it is for her and other players to get time off for netball, and with the World Cup in New Zealand almost here, there has been no solution in sight for players like her.

"Most of us do not have five days to take off and attend camps. On the other hand, we have really not performed in a way that will make it worth an investor's while to invest money in us," Malusi said.