Kiewietskroon oozes hospitality

Amanda Ngudle

Amanda Ngudle

I saw the picturesque Kiewietskroon country estate on their website and wondered if it didn't owe credit to the website designer for the alluringly perfect shots of the resort.

"You'll be surprised at the impact of the right props and lighting in photos," I said to Thobeka, my photographer colleague.

Our mission to catch them off-guard failed when we got lost, having estimated Kiewiets to be tucked far away from the bustle of Pretoria.

We had to get directions from their switchboard - this must have surely alerted some staffers of our imminent arrival.

We checked in and were directed to our room that welcomed us with the perfect ambience; pretty much like the one on the website.

Our room oozed supreme hospitality. We marvelled at the setting, the crispness of the room, the simplicity and elegance of the decor, the thatch roof and everything defining a life of an African princess.

Above all, I looked forward to the dining that had been hailed as among the finest.

There are several exciting dining options available at Kiewietskroon. And these include informal light meals in the Huguenot Bistro and breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet menus in Kingsleys Restaurant.

The Cape Dutch-inspired restaurant block beckoned as my stomach rumbled in hunger. The Lord Charles, open on Fridays and Saturdays, was the cream of our experience for the night.

It stood majestically above the breakfast area and whispered a romantic air of seduction. Asked if we wanted the outdoor view or the comfort of indoors, I reluctantly conceded to the latter. My colleague didn't fancy a setting of sprawling lawns and tranquil waters from the pool. What can you do with a township twosome?

We were taken on a three-course meal dining treat in the care of Lucky, our waiter, who was at our beck and call.

"I could show you to our cellar while we wait for the main course," he suggested.

We were wowed at empty wine bottles van toeka se dae af; we couldn't believe that someone preserved the bottles once a reflection of the years of banality. Too bad they didn't have "Castello Ginger Frizz".

Our main course was a royal event indeed - no wonder we tipped him like we had undisclosed fantasies.

Morning came too soon and I had to run for my Signature spa treatment. By the time Sonja Rietief was finished doing her magic on my body, I was feeling like a Saudi-Tembisan princess. I felt as lovely as our visit had been.