Forensics may identify taxi rapist

Masoka Dube

A taxi driver accused of rape allegedly told his victim that by ejaculating outside her vagina police would not be able to prove he had raped her.

But he was very wrong. By penetrating the woman without using a condom he left enough proof, according to the police.

Phuti Setati, a national police spokesman, said the police forensic team would obtain seminal fluid from the suspect and compare it with that taken from the victim.

Mpumalanga police are searching for the taxi driver, who allegedly raped a 24-year-old woman on Sunday afternoon in Barberton.

The woman, who boarded the taxi in Nelspruit, said on their way to Barberton the driver pulled out a firearm and ordered her to hide her head under the dashboard so that she could not see where he was taking her to.

The taxi driver also allegedly robbed the woman of R80, a cellphone and her bank card.

She claims that he demanded the pin code of the card but she gave him the wrong numbers.

Police are investigating cases of rape and robbery.

l Meanwhile, a man in his early 30s was expected to appear in the Barberton magistrates' court yesterday for allegedly raping his 22-year-old sister, saying he was teaching her a lesson. He allegedly accused her of telling community members that he was a rapist.

The suspect was arrested in Barberton at about 7pm and had not yet appeared before the court at the time of going to press.