Fight homosexuality at schools

Education authorities are reported to be working with the Gay and Lesbian Archive and OUT, an organisation representing the gay and lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. The aim of the project is to facilitate acceptance of homosexuality through schools.

This has been on the government's agenda for sometime, but the impetus is gaining momentum. Recent legislation allowing for gay and lesbian marriages has bolstered this agenda. Attempts to condone and promote acceptance of homosexual lifestyles through schools now seems to have become a priority.

The ACDP calls on provinces to take a stand and refuse to participate in this unacceptable plan to mislead and confuse young South Africans.

While the best counselling and help should be available for young people in schools who are finding their way through a minefield of emotions and issues, destructive and harmful lifestyles must not be glamorised or encouraged.

South African voters must take responsibility and radically rectify the situation. When you vote for parties with humanist policies you are selling out future generations.

It is time to re-evaluate and ensure time-honoured principles and values and replace our nation's chaos and confusion.

Cheryllyn Dudley,

ACDP MP, Cape Town