State launches survey

Trevor Manuel. Pic: Tyrone Arthur. © BD.
Trevor Manuel. Pic: Tyrone Arthur. © BD.

Kingdom Mabuza

Kingdom Mabuza

A R600million community survey to collect demographic, geographic, social and economic data was launched by Finance Minister Trevor Manuel yesterday.

Speaking in Pretoria yesterday, Manuel said the survey was the first and the largest after the census, last conducted in 2001.

The survey would be conducted for two days early next month - February 7 to February 8 - by 5800 Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) fieldworkers identifiable by yellow shirts and blue caps.

Manuel said the purpose of the survey was to allow the "government to provide services and to plan so that we can understand the trends and patterns of our people".

"It is important for people to understand the value of this survey. We therefore encourage all South Africans to share information about their households and themselves," Manuel said.

About 284000 households in about 17089 areas would have been visited at the end of the survey.

There would be 74 questions asked dealing with, among other issues, migration, mortality and economic working patterns.

All information collected will be strictly confidential.

StatsSA's employees are bound by a confidentiality clause in their contracts of employment not to disclose information gathered in the course of their duties.

Employees found in breach of the contract face a fine of up to R10000 or a jail term o f up to six months.

StatsSA hoped to publish the results by October, said statistician-general Pali Lehohla.