Cops quibble over McBride

Kingdom Mabuza

Kingdom Mabuza

Tshwane metro police officers who were on duty when Ekurhuleni police chief Robert McBride was in an accident have been hauled over the coals for their inaction.

A source, who spoke to Sowetan yesterday on condition of anonymity, said because the accident happened in an area under the jurisdiction of Tshwane, their officers were expected to have secured the scene before it could be contaminated.

The police involved could face suspension, as speculation of a cover-up gathered momentum.

Last night etv News reported the docket had been sent to Gauteng provincial police commissioner, Perumal Naidoo, but without any statement from McBride - despite the accident having happened almost two weeks ago.

Metro police chief Hlula Msimang has demanded a full report from the officers and their seniors on duty at time of the accident, but who either did not respond or left Ekurhuleni police to take over the scene, the source said.

"Msimang made it clear it was unacceptable that the accident happened in Tshwane and yet there is no report about it," said the source.

After the accident on the R511 near Centurion last month, Ekurhuleni metro cops sped to the scene where they allegedly removed McBride and anything that could be used as evidence from the scene.

Eyewitnesses on the scene alleged McBride was noticeably under the influence of alcohol when the accident happened, but no blood tests were apparently taken.

McBride was driving from the metro police year-end party. The Ekurhuleni officers allegedly harassed and threatened witnesses who were on the scene.

The witnesses tried to prevent them removing McBride and items on the scene before police arrived. They were allegedly threatened with firearms.

Both the Tshwane metro and the South African Police Services are at the mercy of McBride's men to forward evidence to them.

Police have since taken over the investigation, but because of lack of evidence they are at an impasse.

"Even if SAPS have taken over, as a matter of record Tshwane police must still have its own report compiled by officers of the metro."

Tshwane metro police spokesman William Baloyi refused to comment.

"Speak to the Ekurhuleni Metro Police," he said.