Rape accused disrupts court

McKeed Kotlolo

McKeed Kotlolo

A rape accused whose tongue was bitten off by a pensioner in Mpumalanga a week ago disrupted proceedings when he appeared in court on Tuesday.

Elvis Monyela, of Moloto village, near KwaMhlanga, was initially arrested for the alleged rape of a 73-year-old grandmother of seven on December 3. While in police custody he was admitted to KwaMhlanga Hospital and then escaped.

Monyela was recaptured on Sunday and on Tuesday he appeared before magistrate Andre du Preez in the KwaMhlanga magistrates' court on a charge of escaping from lawful custody.

Monyela, who when arrested had given his age as 18, changed his tune in court, saying he did not know his age or date of birth and claimed he did not have an identity document.

"Only my mother would be in a position to provide you with such information," he said.

Monyela then insisted that the court continue with his case and complete it the same day.

"If I am guilty of any offence, the court must sentence me now. It is my wish that I be convicted for once and all," he shouted.

Du Preez responded to Manyela's demand by advising him not to consider applying for bail because he was involved in two cases and had been charged with escape from custody.

Monyela continually interrupted court officials and only stopped when Du Preez ordered him to stop wasting the court's time because there were other cases on the court roll that had to be heard.

Du Preez postponed the escape case to January 11 next year so that Monyela could appear on the same day for both cases.