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A taste of paradise with the new Toi Moi spirit coolers

The new range aims to capture the millennial market’s appetite for adventure

Toi Moi comes in four flavour variants.
Toi Moi comes in four flavour variants.
Image: Supplied/Toi Moi SA

Chill Beverages, home to the popular Score energy drink and Fitch & Leedes’ range of bespoke mixers, has brought the exotic taste of paradise to market with the launch of the new range of Toi Moi spirit coolers.

Inspired by some of the world’s most beautiful tropical islands, the Toi Moi range is bursting with exotic fruit flavours — juicy Watermelon, refreshing Grapefruit, Pineapple and distinctive Passion Fruit. 

“Toi Moi, meaning you and me, is all about escapism, freedom, friendship, connection and the love of sharing all this with great friends. It is made for those you-and-me moments,” says brand manager Limise Mxatule.

The flavours are matched by bold, colourful packaging and a graphic logo design inspired by the symbols of sea and water. The cheeky campaign statement of “Do Not Disturb” is the perfect sign-off to the you-and-me moments positioning, and promises to capture the imagination of young, fun-loving adults.

Toi Moi comes in four flavour variants — Toi Moi Watermelon, Toi Moi Grapefruit, Toi Moi Pineapple and Toi Moi Passion Fruit — and is packaged in 275ml bottles with 4.5% alcohol/volume Toi Moi will be available in-store this festive season, so be prepared to enjoy the most adventurous spirit cooler around.

Visit the website to find out more about the range of Toi Moi spirit coolers.

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