It’s a wrap - Guinness world record set in Soweto with world's longest line of sandwiches

"It's a wrap." That was the final announcement as Sowetan residents on Saturday watched more than 4km of sandwich makers break a Guinness world record when they made the globe's longest sandwich.

Stretching a whopping 4.43km‚ the sandwich was made up of 8‚100 50cm baguettes‚ 2‚600kg of grated cheese and 800kg of lettuce.

The previous record was set in Spain in 2013‚ with a sandwich whose breadcrumbs led a trail of 3.86km.

Constructed by Clover‚ who used Saturday's event to launch its Cream O'Naise mayonnaise‚ South Africa has ensured that the world's good old traditional sandwich will never be looked at in the same way again.

Claiming bragging rights for the world's "longest line of sandwiches"‚ Clover's senior brand manager‚ Edith Molepo‚ said that after months and months of planning‚ awesome weather and fantastic team work‚ and of course good dough‚ they had secured their first ever Guinness World Record title.

Constructed at Maponya Mall with 500 litres of Cream O'Naise‚ the record attempt began trending from early in the day on Twitter.

Molepo described the record breaking event‚ which took precision planning‚ as "endorphin inducing".

After it was all done and dusted and declared a success‚ the only evidence of the event was a line of breadcrumbs stretching for miles on end‚ the sandwich having been divided up and distributed to children at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital‚ and those supported by the NGOs CHOC and The Gift of the Givers.