Arts all-rounder Nirvana happy to be accidental influencer

Nirvana Nokwe-Mseleku
Nirvana Nokwe-Mseleku
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In celebration of 40 magnificent years of female strength, resilience and beauty, the Sowetan Women’s Club and Toi Moi is connecting you with some of SA’s most-admired women. On the list of these impactful influencers is performance artist, Nirvana Nokwe-Mseleku, fondly known as Nirvana Nokwe who is a multi-hyphenate of note.

At only 24-years-old, Nokwe is a trained singer, songwriter, producer, filmmaker, model and actress.

“The thing that made me take the bold step into such an industry was the fact that I was already in an industry that was dealing with visibility. So, being an influencer was kind of a bonus. It wasn’t something I had planned or thought about doing. Growing up I didn’t think I wanted to be an influencer although I did want to influence people through my acting and brands I worked with but I didn’t have a name for it,” she expresses.  

Although she was born in Johannesburg, Nokwe-Mseleku identifies more with her years in KwaMashu and Lamtonville in Durban. With her family rooted in the arts, this made it possible for this budding artist to make her mark in the entertainment industry at the tender age of four years.

“I always try to have conversations that make an impact in people’s lives. I always try to be an example through the work I do, be it acting or filmmaking.”

Describing her influence as “normalising holistic healing and critical thinking”, Nokwe-Mseleku believes that such an aspect is “an intricate part of a healthy society that has a lot of dysfunction while attempting to cope” with life’s challenges. 

 “… we see this and a lot of us are just coping. So, I hope through my humanity and expressing my thoughts and ideas will help create a space safe enough for people to talk about things that they wouldn’t normally talk about because there’s a consequence attached to self-expression,” the soulful singer alludes.

“I guess my brand is centred around removing that consequence on all ends which leads to a free and fluid space of understanding and evolution.”   

With a number of influencers rearing their heads into the world of branding, Nokwe-Mseleku adds that sets one apart from the rest is their approach in how their influence their audience. 

“I definitely think there’s room for more influencers. I would say that people’s approaches to influencing need to be different. For example, how I best communicates and express my brand and values. How that expression aligns with other brands and their values. So, I think now how there’s a standard aesthetic as to what it means to be an influencer but people are so unique. So once one figure out what their voice and look is, I believe they can make it in the influencer world,” the songstress alludes.     

Speaking on what sets her aside from other influencers, Nokwe-Mseleku credits her fearlessness of not conforming to beauty standards and wanting to reach limitless opportunities.

“There are territories that I want to explore that people would usually shy away from. I don’t like to conform to a standard of beauty or how one should relate to people. I like to conform to my humanity and how to evolve it. Empathy is such a huge part of my brand and I think the conversations that I lead and how I move doesn’t restrict me to the limitless opportunities the world has to offer.” 

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