DJ Sbu empowers young hustlers

DJ Sbu at the launch of the Hustlers Academy yesterday.
DJ Sbu at the launch of the Hustlers Academy yesterday.
Image: Veli Nhlapo

DJ Sbu is taking his hustle to the classroom. The radio personality and entrepreneur yesterday flung open the doors of his Hustlers Academy in Houghton, Johannesburg.

Sbu said he will transfer his experience and knowledge from 17 years in business to youngsters so that they could empower themselves.

"I learned selling products at a young age. I used to sell at the family's spaza, and even now I am still selling my product Mo Faya on the streets. I will teach these young people how to charm people on the streets."

Sbu said 20 aspirant entrepreneurs were used in the pilot project since March. The academy is a collaborative project between Leadership 2020, co-owned by Sbu and 3Sixty Financial Services Group.

Sbu said Hustlers Academy will be launched in all nine provinces and about 100 candidates would go through their doors monthly.

3Sixty CEO Khandani Msibi said they partnered with Leadership 2020 because they wanted to help youngsters develop their own businesses.