Presenter search confusion

Host of 'SABC3 Presenter Search' Pabi Moloi.
Host of 'SABC3 Presenter Search' Pabi Moloi.
Image: Supplied

A number of the aspiring TV personalities who flocked to audition for SABC3 Presenter Search at the weekend were not happy with the process.

Many hopefuls who went to Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg on Friday and Sunday were upset after auditioning in rooms without cameras or judges, only a producer.

A woman from Krugersdorp, who did not want to be named, was disappointed.

"After spending the whole day queueing, when I finally get a chance they put me in a room with a producer, no camera and judge. How are you going to see how I look on a camera when there is no camera?" she asked.

"When I looked at their Instagram [account], I saw that judges were present. I think SABC3 don't take us serious."

Yourchubby_girl wrote on Instagram: "I did my audition late and there were no cameras but both of the judges liked me. I just want to know if there is a chance of me getting a call back? I'm confused because others saw the guest judges."

Ms_Ntemane said: "Some of the rooms didn't have cameras on Friday, there were too many of us."

Lars Schwinges, director and head of post production at SABC3 Presenter Search, said all contestants who auditioned started at filter rooms.

"If you make it at the filter room, you proceed to audition in front of cameras where there are judges. We could not film everyone who came for auditions because it is a costly exercise."

Schwinges added that 3400 people had turned up.