Chiefs staff revolt over Xmas bonuses

Jessica Motaung, left, Kaizer Motaung and Kemiso Motaung during the PSL Player of the Year awards at Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.   / Veli Nhlapo
Jessica Motaung, left, Kaizer Motaung and Kemiso Motaung during the PSL Player of the Year awards at Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg. / Veli Nhlapo

An annual increase and Christmas bonus rebellion at Kaizer Chiefs, which allegedly resulted in boss lady Jessica Motaung angrily wishing her father Kaizer Motaung could release her from her job, has erupted at the club's headquarters in Naturena.

The mutiny allegedly reached a fervent pitch last week when Jessica's sister Kemiso wrote a stinging e-mail to staff members telling them to hit the road if they were not happy with their jobs.

Her alleged rant resulted in staff morale reaching its lowest ebb.

It also led to some staff members contemplating to boycott the Christmas party at PH Network Cafe in Mondeor, south of Joburg, on Wednesday.

Attempts to solicit comment from the Motaungs drew a blank as they ignored our phone calls. Club spokesman Vina Maphosa asked for written questions on Wednesday. However, he failed to respond at the time of going to press.

Three independent sources, who didn't want to be named for fear of reprisal, confirmed that the staff at Naturena were unhappy for not receiving their salary increases.

They were supposed to have received them in July this year.

"They were supposed to have given them salary increases this year but they got nothing and Jessica, who is their boss, has said nothing about this matter," said the source.

"The staff is so afraid of her that no one is willing to openly protest against this."

The mole said the staff were also demoralised by Jessica's decision to force them to be members of a medical aid scheme which is one of their sponsors.

"When they told her that the medical aid was too expensive, she told them they have no option," said the tipster.

The deep throat said staff morale was also affected by Jessica's apparent decision not to give them bonuses.

"When they were employed they were told that the 13th cheque or December bonus is one of their benefits.

"In the past years they communicated to them in November how much they would get for their bonuses, but this year Jessica is not saying anything about it.

"They enquired from the finance staff who told them there would be no bonus this year," said the source.

The source said this angered employees, who questioned why the club didn't cancel the Christmas party and use its budget towards their bonuses.

Another source said the staff were also angered by Jessica embarking on a witch-hunt to sniff out employees who were considered to have leaked stories to the media.

"She also said she wished her father could release her and allow her to go work overseas.

"This was preceded by her sister Kemiso's e-mail which was sent to certain managers, whom she suspects were behind the leaks, and told them they were welcome to leave the club if they so wish," said the source.

Another source, who is a former employee at the club, said he heard from some of his former colleagues that they did not get their annual salary increases and that they might also not get paid their Christmas bonuses.

"The staff is demoralised. I feel for some of the the club's longest-serving employees.

"They have been loyal and don't deserve this treatment after working for the club with dedication and loyalty for so long," added the source.