Series set to put netball on the map

IN AN initiative to give netball more publicity, a monthly half-hour magazine programme will be broadcast on SuperSport 4 and will cover all aspects of the most popular women's sport.

The series will focus on development programmes and primary school netball, as well as the national team.

"This is going to do so much for netball," says Netball SA vice president Blanche de la Guerre.

"It will put netball on the map and people will be able to see what the sport is all about."

There are 47 netball regions in the country, and most women will have played it at some stage in their lives.

"People will also be able to see what a vibrant and exciting game it is. Those who dismiss it as a game for schoolgirls will see how much skill and athletic ability is needed at the top level.

"Netball will be in the face of the viewers, and that will raise our profile." The launch programme will be broadcast tonight at 7.30pm.

The broadcasters have also agreed to televise all international matches involving the national team at home, and will endeavour to cover international matches where possible.