WATCH | At risk of losing her children Lottering rebuilt her life out of cake

Cake is a symbol of honour across cultures and occasions, and used to commemorate life’s most important milestones.

Shaundre Lottering’s baked goods have helped dozens of people make their loved ones feel special.

But mixed in the essence of these cakes is a testament to her dedication to family. At a time when she stood to lose her children, she conquered her battles through baking.  

“My life wasn’t always frosting and fondant,” Lottering says. Before launching her career as a cake artist in Kuils River, Cape Town, she had been in an abusive relationship, was gang raped, and became addicted to drugs.

When her family and social workers intervened, Lottering faced the risk of being separated from her children. Standing at a crossroads, she chose to fight to keep her kids and committed herself to rehab. In recovery, Lottering began to rebuild her life.

Learning from YouTube videos, Facebook groups, and her aunt, Lottering mastered baking and decorating techniques.

Creativity became her coping mechanism, and led her to where she is today – the proud owner of her business, Taste of heaven.

Lottering’s baked goods are now the foundation for a renewed future. Not only does it allow her to support her family, it also brings joy to neighbours and friends at every celebration.

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“We love our charity work where we give to our community, we give to kids,” Lottering says. “It’s what keeps us going.”

Adding cake pops and cupcakes to her repertoire, every item Lottering makes exemplifies her strength and growth.

She has been clean for six years now and proved that it’s possible to overcome trauma and live a full life again.

“My message for other survivors is never give up on yourself,” Lottering says. “It’s not about how we fall, it’s about how we stand up at the end of the day.”