Career Focus | Step up your makeup game

Kenosi Radebe.
Kenosi Radebe.
Image: Fetola

It is believed that when you look good, you feel good and learning how to apply makeup correctly and how to take better care of your skin, is a step in the right direction.

Aspiring makeup artists, beauticians and people that want to improve how they look can now access internationally accredited training from Kenosis Beauty Institute in Dube, Soweto.

Kenosi and her husband Bongani Radebe started their beauty and makeup training institute to help locals gain affordable beauty and makeup training without having to travel far.

After working as makeup artist and cosmetic consultant for many years, Kenosi noticed there was increased demand for trained makeup artists and that aspiring makeup artists had to travel long distances to get quality education.

With her husband Bongani’s business acumen, they combined their skills to start Kenosis Beauty Institute.

Applying makeup is not as simple as video tutorials make it seem and there is a need to get professional training to perfect the art of applying makeup.

“I love the transformative power that makeup has and seeing my client’s confidence improve makes me very happy” says Kenosi.

The academy caters to individuals that want to improve their makeup skills and amateur beauticians that want to become professionals. Internationally accredited short, fulltime and online courses are available.

“Some of the courses we offer are eyelash extension, permanent makeup, nail technology and makeup courses for fashion, theatre and media” says Bongani.

COVID19 restrictions have negatively affected the academy and they are now experiencing a low intake in training courses from students.

Many students can no longer afford to study further due to financial constraints caused by the pandemic and concerns about getting infected while studying.

“We have managed to migrate some of our learning material online to minimize contact learning. We use technology to help our students remain on track with their studies, submit assignments and liaise with their lecturers” says Bongani.

The future of the academy is going to be digitalized as the founders have plans to be a paperless institution by 2023.

Their long-term plan is for all training to be delivered using digital platforms that will reduce the cost of printing for the business and students, making it more affordable.

The limitations on social gatherings have also caused a dip in the use of beauty services because lockdown restrictions restrict the hosting of events like weddings, graduations and parties. 

As the COVID19 infection rate continues to increase, there are concerns about infection prevention in the beauty industry.

“We introduced a mandatory infection prevention control module that carries an internationally accredited certificate.

The aim of this module is to develop the learner’s knowledge and understanding of how to prevent the spread of COVID19” says Kenosi.

The beauty industry is evolving at a fast pace and there are new makeup and beauty trends popping up every day. 

Despite challenges caused by the pandemic, there are still safe ways to learn a new skill that will leave you looking and feeling good.