Pineapple beer reclaims its position as SA's no.1 & we have some recipes for you to try

Wit the booze ban in full effect, homemade pineapple beer is making a comeback.
Wit the booze ban in full effect, homemade pineapple beer is making a comeback.
Image: 123RF/Svitlana Tereshchenko

Pineapple beer has reclaimed its position as Mzansi's go-to drink thanks to the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) which reimposed the ban on the sale of alcohol under lockdown level 3.

The announcement was made by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday.

He said the consumption of alcohol put the health system under pressure as trauma and ICU units had high numbers of cases of violence and car accidents. The president said it was important to save โ€œevery bedโ€ amid the surge in Covid-19 cases countrywide.

Before the president could conclude his address, pineapple started trending on Twitter as some asked for the pineapple beer recipe, while others joked that its prices would increase after the booze ban. Here's how it happened on Twitter:

That booze ban

Pineapple reclaims its spot

Pineapple beer recipes:

Whether you turn to pineapple beer, traditional ginger beer or quick yeast free ginger beer, here are some useful recipes.

* When making your own beer, don't seal the bottles too tightly as the fermentation causes a strong pressure to build up. It's best to store the bottles somewhere where, if they happen to pop, the lids won't cause any damage.

โ€ข A word of caution: home brews can become undrinkable if stored incorrectly or for too long. If there is any fungal growth, if the brew tastes "off" or has an unpleasant smell beyond the yeast undertones, don't take any chances: rather throw it away. Also ensure that whatever utensils you use to home brew are scrupulously clean; sterilising them in boiling water is best.