SA, mind your affairs not Donald Trump

U.S President Donald Trump.
U.S President Donald Trump.
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I am constantly surprised whenever I see South Africans always complain about US President Donald Trump as a racist and immoral person.

But I have never heard of black people in the US protesting in the streets against any racist or immoral behaviour by Trump.

Trump was voted for by the people of the US, and is their president.

These days the human race seems more keen to like lies more than the truth.

Every now and then, we have protests in SA over service delivery. We also protest against "too many" foreigners, with such action usually leading to xenophobic attacks.

Are we now the ones to tell the Americans how they must welcome foreigners on their shores, and share the economic cake with them?

Black South Africans are often calling for the borders to be sealed tight so that other black people from the rest of Africa cannot come into the country.

This is no different from Trump building a wall to keep Mexican and other immigrants out of the US.

I suppose among humans, some people are just not likable or charming enough and Trump happens to be one of those. The same attitude has welcomed UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson into office.

The media - which influences people about who to like or hate - is unfairly prejudging the new UK prime minister.

Just days in the job, he is already being classified as a racist and populist. What wrong has he done?

Do the citizens of these countries toyi-toyi, loot and burn property just because they are unhappy about something?

There had been terrorist attacks in both the US and the UK, but not even once did their citizens go on a rampage attacking foreigners.

Instead of minding our own business, like state capture and collapsing municipalities, we are busy exporting our complaining habits while we continue to vote for same rotten apples.

Khotso KD Moleko, Bloemfontein

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