Tata's empathy and love is what the world needs

Nelson Mandela statue at the Nelson Mandela Square.
Nelson Mandela statue at the Nelson Mandela Square.

South Africa is an example of tolerance and pluralism to the world.

This was achieved through the tremendous sacrifice and the grand humanitarian vision of Nelson Mandela and many others who were interred in Robben Island prison.

Mandela lived a third of his life in prison because of injustice and when he was freed, he didn't have an ounce of hate for the people who took away a chunk of his life.

To me, he walked, talked and epitomised everything that this world lacks: love, forgiveness, empathy, sincerity and, most of all, unselfishness. He was a true and genuine humanitarian.

He became the first black president of South Africa, won the Nobel peace prize and led his nation out of the horrible curse of apartheid without the bloodshed and genocide that has so plagued the African continent.

Sanah Mahomed,Pinetown