ANC questions appointment of chief of police in Joburg


The African National Congress in Johannesburg has questioned the process followed in the appointment of the new chief of police in the city.

Just over a week ago‚ council approved a recommendation that David Tembe be the chief of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department. The approval was given during a council meeting in which the opposition tabled a motion of no confidence against mayor Herman Mashaba and speaker Vasco da Gama.

ANC spokesperson Jolidee Matongo said the party was not opposed to Tembe being chief of police but the process that was followed before his name was approved by council.

“We have indicated that in the previous council meeting General [Eric] Gela was recommended as the chief of police. But later the process was suspended as council said he did not have enough experience on by-law enforcement and other qualifications‚” said Matongo.

“In the list in which General Gela was recommended to council‚ David Tembe was number five [in the order of preferred candidates]. What we are asking is: what happened to number two‚ number three and number four? We think that the DA-led coalition is flouting processes in order to satisfy certain political parties.”

In its reply the city said Tembe was previously a director at JMPD.

“Due to the pressing need to ensure stability at JMPD and the critical nature of the role‚ it was decided that the candidate would be best suited to fill the vacant post as they already possessed the necessary training‚ expertise and institutional knowledge to lead the organisation‚” the city said.

“The other candidates are unfortunately not registered members of a Municipal Police Service and the process of ensuring the necessary training and registration would take several months to conclude.

“It must be noted that no appointment has been made yet. Council simply approved the recommended candidate. The City is in the process of finalising the appointment. The period of employment is expected to be four years.”

The previous chief of police in the city was Brigadier Zwelibanzi Nyanda‚ whose contract has since expired.