Mugabe threatens Bulawayo for ditching him

President Robert Mugabe has threatened Bulawayo and Harare provinces with unspecified action for ditching him in the elections.

Mugabe was speaking at the burial of former National Railways of Zimbabwe general manager, Mike Karakadzai.

He said the city dwellers should not turn to his government to meet their needs.

“People from Harare and Bulawayo, to vote for the MDC-T, what do you admire in that party? Now, go and get from the MDC-T what you were promised during the elections,” Mugabe said.

“People in 2008 voted for them, not knowing that such level of ignorance cannot run this country,”

“But today, people have realised that they (MDC-T) do not have life and direction and voted for Zanu PF. During the inclusive government, it required a lot of patience to work with them. We had very diverse views and it was difficult to negotiate with them because they are very ignorant.”

He added: “You are better off working with an ignorant person who is aware of his ignorance — a person who accepts that he is ignorant. But if you are ignorant of your ignorance, it is a challenge. If you think ignorance is being clever then you have a serious problem.”

Mugabe had also threatened to expel foreign-owned companies over what he said was the west's interference in the politics of the country he has led since 1980.

Mugabe’s threats come barely a week after he expressed concern over the collapse of industries in the city and persistent water crisis.

“We are fast turning into one huge warehouse, a dumping ground for all manner of imports. Our cities and towns are dying. Bulawayo, for a long time the industrial capital of Zimbabwe, has now become a sorry industrial scrap-yard.

“Taps are dry in most of our cities and towns, worse so in Bulawayo. Water must be restored; taps must run again. The search for durable solutions to water supply for our towns and cities must begin almost immediately with the announcement of a new Cabinet.

“We cannot have erratic water supply in urban conurbations without risking outbreaks of serious diseases” said Mugabe last Thursday.


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