DA and ANC join to slam Israeli attack

THE Western Cape government has slammed Monday's attack by Israeli military forces on a flotilla of aid ships to Palestine, which left nine people dead.

Radio 786 journalist Gadija Davids was on one of the aid boats attacked by the Israeli commandos. She is expected back in Cape Town today. In an unusual show of unity, the DA and ANC in the legislature adopted a motion calling the Israeli attack "a crime of piracy against unarmed merchant ships in international waters".

The resolution said: "We condemn this act of piracy by the state of Israel and call on them to immediately release the hostages they have taken."

Meanwhile, about 2000 pro-Palestinian supporters marched on Parliament yesterday. They called on President Jacob Zuma to cut ties with "apartheid Israel".

They handed over a memorandum that read: "This is the umpteenth time that the Israeli fascists have massacred the innocent and the unarmed.

"We call for a united front of workers' organisations claiming to speak on behalf of the working class to take forward the fight to break the siege of thePalestinians."

Abdul-Khaliq Allie, secretary-general of the Muslim Judicial Council (MJ) said they hoped to hand over a memorandum of their concerns to the Department of International Relations and Cooperation.

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