Zinc toilets a racist insult

FRANTZ Fanon writes: "The native who decides to put the programme into practice, and to become its moving force, is ready for violence at all times. From birth it is clear to him that this narrow world, strewn with prohibitions can only be called in question by absolute violence."

The revolt by residents of Makhaza at Khayelitsha against sub-standard services by the Cape Town City Council confirms the ANCYL's assertion that Cape Town is a white man's paradise and the DA solely exists to preserve white supremacy.

The erection of open-air toilets by the DA-led council is as a result of white supremacists' obsession with determining and defining the development of black people.

Erecting cheap zinc toilets for black people in the name of development is racist.

In 2008 the council built unenclosed toilets in Makhaza and promised residents that this inhumane arrangement was a temporary arrangement which would not last more than three months. Three months became eternity.

The ANCYL lodged a complaint with the useless Human Rights Commission in January this year.

After five months of the complaint, the HRC has not released its findings, and the youth league strongly believes that the HRC serves the interests of the white minority and collaborates with the DA.

All the ANCYL is asking for are toilets for black people to relieve themselves in dignity.

Chumile Sali, Khayelitsha