We 're a nation that celebrates mediocrity and docility

I WANTED to write about how Barack Obama has basically become George Bush with a black face.

I WANTED to write about how Barack Obama has basically become George Bush with a black face.

His first year in the White House has confirmed the theory that in the 21st century white supremacy needs a black skin to self-perpetuate.

In other words, to maintain white power and interests it's no longer important to have white governments. Africa since its sham independence from white colonialism some 50 years ago has demonstrated this point well.

All our African governments are run by black colonialists. In 1994 South Africa joined the club.

A year ago the US also got its black face for white power.

Basically Obama has continued George Bush's policies on all important fronts, war in Iraq, the escalating war in Afghanistan and supporting Israel against the helpless Palestinians. In Africa, he has maintained the military occupation of predecessors Bill Clinton and George W Bush.

Obama has neglected the plight of blacks in the US, and has instead spent more than $700billion bailing out banks and companies.

As I said, I wanted to write about Obama but now there are a few things that have sabotaged that project.

Firstly, I am troubled by the media campaign against one of our best soccer players and natural leaders Mbulelo Mabizela. The man simply spoke his mind about the haphazard selection criteria for the national team, which leaves talented players such as himself out in the cold.

Those who have been vilifying Mabizela for speaking the truth have not shown why he is wrong, except that he should wait and keep quiet. What nonsense! I mean, we have overweight bench-warming loudmouths being called up ahead of him. Truth is we are a nation that celebrates mediocrity and docility. Mabizela will not save the pathetic Bafana but without him in the squad we stand to lose soundly.

Then there is the case of the ANC, Eskom and Hitachi. It is a Mafia story. The ANC let Eskom deteriorate. Then hit us with the blackmail of power outages.

Then it gives a company it partially owns the contract to fix the mess it has created.

Eskom will raise prices to cover the cost of fixing the mess, and the ordinary people will pay.

The ANC stands to pocket a reported R10billion from the scheme. The DA must stop complaining because it hasn't revealed its sources of funding. Our politics increasingly look like a gangster club.

Then I was wondering why Zizi Kodwa is competing with Khanyi Mbau for celebrity status? I mean the man organises a lavish two- legged birthday party for himself. The second leg will apparently be attended by our cabinet ministers.

This is all fine until you hear that this nice time has been sponsored by business. So what is business getting in return? How can our leaders protect us against evil businesses when they are being entertained mahala by the same profit vampires?

Take this, when after gouging the earth to take our minerals, mining houses have left damage to the environment that will require R30billion to repair.

Already water sources are being poisoned by abandoned mines and lung diseases are eating up poor people in such areas. Will the mining houses be compelled to pay compensation or will they just gooi another party for our leaders?

It's 2010. Can we turn some things around?