Godless Asmal a political illiterate

POLITICAL illiteracy has been well lived by Kader Asmal and the cabinet in which he served.

In a country where more than 99 percent of the population know God, Asmal and that cabinet refused to believe .

Their prejudice and bias towards Christ and their intellectual wisdom caused them to believe that God is not Christ, though most Christians believe otherwise.

In the garden of Gethsemane Christ would not have prayed to himself, nor could he on the Cross, have asked the Father to forgive if he and the Father were one and the same.

In their refusal to acknowledge Christ, Asmal's cabinet's arrogance spilled over to God.

Asmal has come and gone and the majority of South Africans, Africans in particular, still open and close their meetings with prayer.

Asmal and his cabinet will pass on in this world and the African majority will still pray to God and most will still praise Christ.

The attack on Modimo, to the extent of telling parents and teachers not to mention His name to our own children or pray in schools is living testimony of the political illiteracy that was championed by Asmal.

Procreation in the natural way happens when a man and a woman engage intimately. To sanction intimacy between man and man or woman and woman might be good for Asmal and his cheerleaders, but Africans know it is a treasonous act against humanity as there is no prospect of procreation. Political illiteracy is to swim against the tide and the truth.

Daniel Thulare, Benoni