Vital facts on surgical costs and risks

COMPARATIVE costs in other countries:

COMPARATIVE costs in other countries:

Russia: One week's accommodation in the Pirogove clinic for an upper eyelid lift costs R10000. Liposuction starts at R3900 and upper and lower lids are R3000. A facelift only costs about R8000.

Brazil: A thigh and buttock lift costs about R52000 by Brazil's top surgeon. Facelifts cost from R20500; eye treatments about R5000; and tummy tucks from R30000.

US: Some of the world's best surgeons are based in the US, offering experienced expertise and a high standard of aftercare.

A facelift can cost between R100000 and R250000, including 10 days accommodation and flights. Eye treatments cost from R30000 to R50000, excluding accommodation.

What are the risks?

Dr Chis Chrome, a private plastic surgeon, says every surgical procedure involves some risk. But when performed under proper operating room conditions, this operation is not dangerous. Among the more common dangers are numbness, serosa and necrosis.

"Temporary numbness or loss of feeling at the site of the incision is fairly common in face-lifts and tummy tucks, though it's rarely permanent."

Chrome says infection can be treated quite satisfactorily, often without the removal of the implant.

He says Mshoza's case is not unique. He says numbness after breast surgery of any type is the most common.

Loss of sensation in the nipple in particular occurs anywhere from 10percent to 70percent of the time, Chrome says, depending on the type of procedure.

Chrome also says some tissue death from surgical manipulation, called necrosis, is inevitable after any procedure, though your risks increase dramatically if you are a smoker.

After any surgery, there is the possibility of excessive bleeding.

How long does it take for it to heal?

Ndobe says it depends on the particular procedure. "For small, non-invasive procedures such as laser tattoo removal or collagen therapy, patients are ready to return to normal activity immediately after treatment." - Additional information: