Taxi tank 'filled with water at petrol station'

A FURIOUS taxi owner has threatened to take legal action against a Total petrol filling station in Limpopo after his car's fuel tank was allegedly filled with water.

David Zitha of N'wamitwa outside Tzaneen said he had gone to the garage in Tzaneen last Wednesday morning and ordered petrol for R346.

"The vehicle could not start after petrol was filled. It could not start even with a push," he said.

Zitha said he then checked the fuel and found that it was mixed with water.

He complained to the garage owner, and the taxi was taken to their workshop where the petrol was drained.

Although it was discovered that the petrol was mixed with water, Zitha said the garage would not take the blame.

He said after he put another seven litres of petrol in the tank, the car started.

Zitha said he took the car to his mechanic who also confirmed that the petrol tank had been filled with water.

He tried to get a refund, or petrol worth R346 from the garage, but this was declined.

"The garage owner offered me only 10 litres of petrol and I refused to take it," Zitha said.

Attempts to get comment from the garage owner were unsuccessful.