EACH of us have dreams andambitions.

EACH of us have dreams andambitions.

Things we want to do, places we want to see and people we want to meet. All these aspirations pile up in our core, driven by how we define ourselves.

All of these aspirations are onl another forgotten tale, if we are not master in them, and of them, because, for one to become a great artist, you have to master an art.

This is the same as when one wishes to become a great sportsperson - you have to master sports. Hence, for you to become a great somebody, you have to master yourself, or acquire a special ability, which we shall call personal mastery, or rather - or simply put - the art of knowing yourself.

Meaning you should know what tastes good for you, sounds good for you, and what fascinates you. Therefore, mediocrity, or average performance is not acceptable for you, to you or in your personal vocabulary.

I am whom I call - deliberately - Master Ndumiso Sanele Hadebe, a strong, driven intelligent young black man who is in control and a master in my own right.

Every dream that I have comes to fruition. Every thought that comes through my mind comes to pass, or is successfully executed. Not because I have extraordinary powers, but because I am simply a master, through determination, dedication, discipline, and I remain focused, throughout.

I believe I am the epitome of all that is great in modern African youth. Absolute in direction and extreme in my endeavours. With so many opportunities given to us young people these days, it really is up to us to make something of these special, rare moments, platforms and opportunities. Fancy surroundings do not produce automatic success, but the state of one's mind and dedication are sure to lead you on to abundant rewards. When good things happen in my life, it is not because of luck, or by some chance, it is because I breed the manifestation of these positive results - as a master in my own life.

I make positive attributes into nouns, and not verbs. I am not successful, I am a SUCCESS!. I am not prosperous, I AM PROSPERITY, personified. I believe.

Everything that is successful, prosperous and truthful in my surroundings does not come towards me. These come through me.

This is all because when you master something, you subsequently and ultimately own it, and, you control it and you are outstanding in it.

My fellow youths, who hunger for education, love to acquire knowledge - the tools through which being the master of your own destiny is made absolutely possible - admire your own life.

This through the eyes of your fellow young master. I, who am outstanding and in control of self. This is our time. It is a golden moment. Like me, without anything holding you back, you too can fly. And, don't just fly...FLY HIGH!.

lThe author, Ndumiso Hadebe, is the Gauteng winner and national finalist of the Anglo American and Sowetan Young Communicators Awards. To inspire fellow youths, former provincial and national winners' edited presentations and motivational pieces are published in Sowetan. They can send their articles to