'Jackson a drug addict'

MICHAEL Jackson was living like a drug addict when he died, according to a long-time friend.

The King of Pop died last month after suffering a cardiac arrest, amid rumours he was dabbling with dangerous medications.

Police confiscated several bags of drugs after the tragedy.

Close family friend Terry Harvey says Jackson was taking a powerful cocktail of drugs, including anxiety and anti-depressant drugs.

"Michael had a long-term drug habit. He was no different to a drug addict living in a crack house. He didn't go out to get his fix, it was brought to him.

"He started in 1984 after he got burned filming that Pepsi advert. But in recent years it spiralled out of control.

"I don't believe that Michael injected himself in the neck though."

His father Joe pleaded with him to enter a rehabilitation centre .

"Joe called him and said, 'Let's get it together. Let us help you and clean the house'.

"Michael said 'Okay' but by that stage he was an addict." - Wenn