Thoughts and quotable quotes by politicians on the election

They said it

They said it

l "I only debate with serious political youth formations, not a group of the racist Helen Zille's garden boys." - Julius Malema.

l "You've come here because you only want votes. We are not voting," an angry resident, when the ANCYL visited Soweto.

l "When Cope had to nominate a candidate they looked among themselves and realised that there was nobody meeting acceptable moral standards." - Malema on the surprise appointment of Mvume Dandala as the Cope presidential candidate.

l "I used the word inkwenkwe because he was insulting Joe Seremane, who is older than him. An inkwenkwe can't insult an ixhego (an elder), and that is the context in which I referred to him as that.

"Julius Malema is rude and disgusting ... He called Joe a garden boy and I call him a gnome.

"I am sick of this rude boy. He must go get a proper job." - Helen Zille.

l "Unless you know something about that person, you can't talk about that person, because it means you know it [in reference to his uncircumcised manhood]." - Malema.

l "I sometimes wonder why the expert political analysts spend so much time speculating over what the ANC will do after the elections. To me it is really quite simple - they will do what they did before the elections.

"They will fight among themselves and against anyone who dares to oppose them; they will enrich themselves and their friends; and they will impoverish the country and every one of us who lives in it." - IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi, during a rally at Enseleni in KwaZulu- Natal.

l "I'm sad. You generally want to look up to one who is your president, and look up with some pride." - Archbishop Desmond Tutu on a Jacob Zuma presidency of the country.

l "You are welcome to come and visit Rhema any Sunday. Your presence will be duly acknowledged and announced to the congregation. That is what we mean when we say everybody is welcome at Rhema." - Rhema church administrator Giet Khosa responding to critics after the church invited ANC president Zuma.

l "Election 2009 is where you the voter can stop that gravy train from departing the station." - UDM leader Bantu Holomisa.

l "All that is left is for the young and old to go out and give the ANC the biggest majority it has ever received since 1994." - Zuma.