Justice favoured Zuma

I am just a layman as far as the law is concerned, but I am perturbed that our high courts are clogged with appeals and delays, and fees are too high for ordinary people to access justice.

You must have deep pockets to enjoy redress that is available, seemingly only for the rich and politically connected.

The Jacob Zuma saga has run for eight years and clearly shows how money and political clout rules the justice system. An ordinary person would not have managed or survived the eight years that Zuma spent paying the best legal minds.

Laws are instituted as evidence when order is breaking down. These laws are instituted to fight fraud, protect the weak and poor from the rich, but paradoxically they serve and protect the politically connected and wealthy. Some people are more equal than others.

The Scorpions were forced to return Zuma's documents because the law said they were obtained illegally, regardless of whether they had evidence against the owner.

Can our courts return looted money to a thief just because the police used illegal entry? In a similar scenario, the NPA obtained recorded tapes and set Msholozi free without explaining how the tapes were obtained. Are citizens not entitled to know and learn from this so that we can also try these tricks, if they are legal?

Mothokgo Lehulabele, Jane Furse