Bales of clothes to keep winter at bay

Nthabisang Moreosele

Nthabisang Moreosele

She has done it again.

Mercy Ramushu, a pastor at Grace Bible Church in Soweto, has given Mama Angel bags of clothes for the people of Magagula Heights on the East Rand.

The clothes will be distributed by the Reneiloe Community and Home Based Care to the unemployed and destitute people of Magagula.

Busi Tukula, director and CEO of Reneiloe, was over the moon after receiving the clothes. She said the clothes would be welcomed by the residents who are fearful of the coming winter cold.

"We thank Sowetan for bringing Mama Mercy to us so she could help us with succouring the people of our community. We hope that God will give her strength to continue with her ministry," Tukula said.

Ramushu of Dube Village, Soweto, collects clothes for the poor, for disaster-stricken areas and for Aids orphans as part of her evangelical work. She started her new career after retiring some years ago.

"Oprah Winfrey is my mentor. The idea of collecting clothes for disaster areas first came to me when I saw Oprah helping the people of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.

"Oprah is a giver and an inspiration to me. I used to give away my clothes and that of my family. I now do it regularly and ask others to do the same," Ramushu said.

"This is the fifth batch of clothes I have collected. I have sent bundles to Mpumalanga, Mozambique and the Cape. I liaise with churches in their areas, who then distribute them to their people. I have set up several nodes around Soweto and the Northern suburbs for those who are desirous of helping the less fortunate."

Ramushu taught at Taupedi Primary School in Tladi for five years before she was employed as a demonstrator for Colgate toothpaste.