Tolerance vital for free and fair elections

The political intolerance that has characterised the election campaign trail is cause for concern. I believe that it needs a bold and apolitical approach from all South Africans.

It remains a collective societal responsibility to restore hope through voter education, coupled with understanding, awareness and political tolerance. We all need to go into the elections with a very good understanding of what is at stake. It is almost impossible to have conducive elections if leaders fail to be realistic and objective.

The SABC2 debate on Sunday, March 8, was an eye opener. It showed that political education is lacking not only at grassroots, but also among some leaders.

IFP secretary-general Musa Zondi said power was a scarce resource that is highly contested without the slightest conviction. I agree with him.

This statement does not justify political intolerance or violence, yet Nadeco leader Hawu Mbatha attacked Zondi.

I urge all South Africans to contest power for their political parties with maturity and responsibility. We have passed the era of violence. We should really not scratch the surface about political intolerance, but rather opt to face it head on, without compromise.

I am also inspired by the dynamic political intellect of IFP's SG Zondi to exercise my democratic right to vote. He understands the complexities and nature of politics and the country needs his expertise.

Mkhuleko Hlengwa, Imfume