'More research needed in our education'

Sowetan Reporter

Sowetan Reporter

There was a need for more research on education policies in South Africa, said Len Davids, head of the Gauteng department of education.

Davids spoke yesterday on the opening day of a two-day conference on research in Ekurhuleni.

He said last year 280 research requests were made to the GDE by educators, and that the research would help in finding solutions to the challenges facing education.

"We continue to experience challenges in our institutions despite a lot of good policies and programmes that we have put in place since the dawn of democracy.

"Key to some of these challenges is the ability to improve the quality of education and improving learner performance in many of our schools," Davids said.

The research focussed on the curriculum, school leadership, management, governance and the HIV pandemic and its prevalence in the education system.