Black psyche has not been liberated

I fully support the piece in Sowetan by Oupa Ngwenya about the relevance of black consciousness. Steve Biko's book, I write what I like, and his teachings are vital to all South Africans.

Today, some people question Biko's views, but I am adamant that we need to be conscious of how great we blacks are. Our leaders allowed rich, white people to fill their pockets and now we are the one paying for their sins.

We must not hate the white man, but we must be wary of them in government and even in business. Black man you are on your own - make it count.

Everywhere we look in our country, blacks are poor and experience racism in the workplace, restaurants, public toilets and even at the surgeries of some doctors.

But nothing is being done about these problems. This is not democracy. I will give you an example: When a black man and a white man walk down a corridor, the black man always makes way for the white. Need I say more?

Biko was a true leader who stood for true liberation. Today, black people need a true leader to deliver them from the shackles that bind our mentality. Our psyche is still in chains though we live in a democracy. We still see ourselves as inferior. Our leaders have failed us dismally.

I hope we see more of Ngwenya's articles in Sowetan.

Gwen Kgantsi, Spruitview