DA is the only true nonracial party

Gift Ziya (Sowetan, February 20) is still caught up in the era of racial stereotypes that many South Africans have far moved beyond.

The DA is the only true nonracial political party in South Africa. This is reflected in both our deeds and words. All our policies aim to build a better life for all South Africans. Our membership and leadership are fully representative of the rainbow nation.

Our candidates' list also reaffirms our commitment to nonracialism, in that it reflects excellence and diversity.

Our vision of an open, opportunity society which aims to create opportunities for all is the best model for creating the prosperous nation that we all want South Africa to be. South Africans from all walks of life are increasingly rallying behind us because they realise we are not just an opposition, we are a party of government.

Our successful record in the City of Cape Town and other municipalities throughout the country shows that life is better under the DA.

Our election manifesto contains our blueprint for making South Africa the successful nation that we all want it to be. Our promises are achievable and affordable.

Despite Ziya's views, the reality is, voters are turning their back on the ANC.

Motlatjo Thetjeng MP, DA national spokesperson