Toyota takes Quantum leap to better bussing

Phuti Mpyane

Phuti Mpyane

By now most of us would have heard the call by government that it needs help to sort the issues the country faces.

High on the priority list is poverty alleviation. One way that individuals can ensure that they put a plate of food on the table is through self-employment.

The taxi business is an old one. At times it is dogged by controversy and ill-advised activities but there's no denying that it can be a viable business opportunity.

The Zola Budd, or in official Toyota speak, the Siyaya, has long been retired and the present incumbent, the Toyota Quantum, is fast retracing the steps taken by that wildly popular 16-seater minibus that had the industry up in arms when it was discontinued.

So far the 14-seater Quantum is recruiting fans daily. Commuters praise its comfortable ride quality and its spacious cabin that has surely erased that four-four masihlalisane irritant. Also aiding its popularity is the fact that now winters won't be felt so badly owing to the Quantum's very effective heating system.

There's much more to the Quantum than meets the eye.

Firstly, it has been afforded world-class safety systems such as ABS brakes, air bags and, if responsible passengers require it, they can strap on seat belts.

Now that we've touched on what makes passengers happy, as an owner it's good to know that you can have two modern engines.

The Quantum is available with either a 2,7-litre petrol four-cylinder engine with VVTi technology and the far more economical and powerful 2,5-litre diesel engine derivative.

My choice is the diesel.

The "big" bus is suited to doing taxi duties, particularly for longer distance routes, while a shorter 10-seater option is available for much more up-market services such as the tourist travel businesses.

The itsy-bitsy Quantum pushes the envelope a bit further by offering extra pampering such as airline-style eating tables, better look and feel materials and it is more bourgeois in external appearance.

Quantums are also available in panel van form.

So, if the bell of self-empowerment has rung for you and you have opted for the transport industry as your port of call, take a look at the Quantum.