TV Star drags Ex-wife to court

Cecil Motsepe

Cecil Motsepe

A high court battle is looming between Generations star Seputla Sebogodi and his former wife over the custody of their 10-year-old son.

The soapie lead actor decided to take the fight to his ex-wife after she demanded maintenance for the boy.

Futhi Sebogodi recently took the actor to the Randburg magistrate's court demanding support for their son Sebogodi Sebogodi.

She claimed the talented actor, who plays Kenneth Mashaba in the daily SABC1 soapie, had not maintained the boy for seven years.

But Sebogodi did not take kindly to this and has instructed his lawyers to move an urgent high court application to gain custody of the child.

The expected showdown could see the warring former lovers hanging their dirty linen out in public, with Sebogodi expected to submit that his former wife was not a fit and proper person to raise their son.

Speaking to Sowetan yesterday Sebogodi said Futhi was using their son to worm her way back into his life.

He rejected claims that he had not maintained his son as fibs.

He said: "This woman is accusing me of neglecting my son when in fact the child has been staying with me until seven months ago.

"She only became interested in the child because she wanted to become my second wife."

Reached for comment Futhi said: "If my son says he wants to go and live with his father I will release him.

"He [Sebogodi] does not even have to waste his money going to court to get this sorted out.

"I'm prepared to do anything as long as it is in my son's best interest."

She denied using the child as a tool to manipulate the actor.

Incredibly, the actor's version was corroborated by his former wife, Leonette Sebogodi, who said the child stayed with them while she and Sebogodi were still an item.