Court judgment cynical

Chinese are now black! This is a practical joke.

Chinese are now black! This is a practical joke.

Before being misunderstood, let me assure you I support the struggle of all peoples against any form of discrimination.

South Africans of Chinese origin, with due respect, know very well that they are not black or coloured. They know it was the apartheid regime that wrongly classified them as coloureds.

I do not have enough historical facts about the Chinese but it is clear that there were almost no squatter camps, no pass laws and no bantu education for them.

I am not denying that many people who were not classified asblacks suffered and died under the apartheid regime. What I am denying, though, is that all people who were not white South Africans suffered as much as blacks did.

So I find it absurd and cynical of the Chinese Association of South Africa and George Bizos to equate the suffering if black people with that of any other race in the country.

It seems to be ludicrous for certain people to celebrate the "victory" that this judgment has supposedly brought against a democratically elected government.

The people who feel most betrayed by Pretoria high court Judge Cynthia Pretorius' judgment are the very people who suffered most during the apartheid regime.

Siyabonga Seme,

University of Zululand