Study of SA in blacks, whites

Anton Kannemeyer, also known as Joe Dog, and his fellow comic artist, Conrad Botes, have for decades ridiculed, provoked and lampooned the apartheid government.

They have done the same with our not-so-new democracy with their blistering and sexually explicit adult comics.

As a result, they have managed to visually entertain the underground adult comics fraternity and general readers alike.

Dark and bitter, their ink speaks volumes on mostly taboo issues such as sexuality, racism, white power, politics, cross-cultural relations, and the dark and bitter side of South Africa.

The 15th volume of Bitterkomix does not disappoint. In their ink war, with each volume they provide a fresh, raw objective, uncompromising and in-your-face comic commentary, a kind of story-telling which makes even respected cartoonists such as Zapiro and others look tame.

Drawn and edited by Joe Dog and Kondradski (Condrad Botes) and other comic artists, in this comic collection edition they continue with what they do best, the detailed blacks and whites study of South Africa, with an intimate look at the country's men and leaders. They explore how the past and the modern worlds have moulded our beliefs, fears, insecurities and frustrations.

Joe Dog comically studies the widespread belief of the size of a black man's manhood compared with that of his white counterpart.

On the other hand, written and drawn in 10percent Afrikaans and 90percent English, Kondradski paints a dark, grim picture of loneliness, lost dreams and self-realisation, with sharp symbolism.

Their black bitter ink and sharp pencils reflect a detailed understanding of both our country's history and today's happenings in politics, socially and internationally.

But, this dark, thought-provoking, explicit, funny and adult comic book should not be on your shopping list for little Jabulani and Cindy's 12th birthday.

Rather a recommended read for young adults who love cartoons and enjoy the weird and humorous underground world of comics.