Bogus traffic cops rob truck driver of merchandise

McKeed Kotlolo

McKeed Kotlolo

Bogus traffic officers manning an illegal roadblock ordered a truck transporting camphor cream off the road before robbing the driver in Mpumalanga.

The driver of the truck was stopped by two men in traffic uniforms and one in plain clothes in Delmas at about 12.45pm on Tuesday.

They claimed that the truck's tail lights were not working, prompting the driver to alight and check.

To his surprise, one "officer" pointed a gun at him and ordered him into a Mazda 323 they were using while the other in civilian clothes drove away in the truck.

Superintendent Abie Khoabane of the Mpumalanga police said the driver of the truck had his limbs tied with a rope as the bogus officers drove around Delmas with him until about 8pm when they dropped him off out of town.

Khoabane said the Mazda had a blue light on and no registration numbers.

The truck and its cargo, estimated at R500000, were still missing.

Khoabane repeated his earlier call for motorists not to stop when ordered by "traffic officers" using detachable blue lights because all vehicles used by genuine traffic officers had the blue lights mounted on top of their vehicles.

He advised motorists to drive to the nearest police or petrol station whenever they were suspicious of officers they were dealing with.