Official accused of nepotism

Frank Maponya

Frank Maponya

A senior official in the Limpopo department of roads and transport has been accused of nepotism by recruiting only friends and members of his family for jobs.

The official, whose name is known to Sowetan, is alleged to have allocated senior positions only to those close to him or his friends and family.

Sources, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of victimisation, said since the official attained his position, he had made life miserable for employees in the department.

They claim traffic officers were promoted on ethnicity and language, and not on merit.

"For instance, there were interviews for managers in his directorate in November. All the short-listed people were from a certain area of the province," claimed one source.

The source alleged that the official had deliberately overlooked people who deserved promotion on merit.

Another traffic officer said he had been acting manager since 2003 but was not even short-listed when the post was advertised.

The sources also claim that the official appointed his wife to a senior position at a traffic college.

They allege that when he appointed his wife as manager, he had misled MEC Justice Pitso by claiming that he did not know her.

It was later discovered that she was indeed his wife.

"We are tired of the nepotism in the department. There is nothing that motivates us to come to work knowing that we will remain in the same positions for as long as this man is our senior," added the sources.

The accused official did not return Sowetan's calls yesterday.

Department spokesman Boiki Tsedu had promised to consult his head of department before making a comment but had not done so by late yesterday.

Sowetan phoned him several times afterwards, but Tsedu did not answer his phone.