claws bared over hit song

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Two up-and-coming artists are at loggerheads over a popular tune.

Bucie, christened Busisiwe Nqwiliso, has demanded that blonde singer Tina, whose real name is Christina Fezile, stop singing her song Ngicel'indoda, or else. She has threatened to take her to court if she ignored the demand.

Both artists are new in the market. They shot to fame when they performed at the controversial Queen of Dance competition.

The Afro-pop singer alleges that Tina has been performing her famous Ngicel'indoda song at gigs without her permission.

"She first performed the song in a 60's party in Mafikeng and later at Zambezi Lounge in Wynberg at a New Year's Day party.

"She is confusing my fans. Because she is also blonde people can easily mistake her for me."

Bucie says she was shocked and angry when she got phone calls from fans telling her that Tina was singing her song.

"I was very angry. I could not stand the thought of her performing my song on stage. That is a hot song that belongs to a hot artist. She is not talented. I am hot and she's not. I kick ass on stage. She can't be me no matter how hard she tries."

Bucie's manager told Sowetan that if Tina did not stop "imitating" Bucie's song they will take legal action.

"We are pissed off by this. We can't be working for other people. Do you know the effort it takes in making a song and marketing it?"

Kalawa Jazzmee spokesman Oskido said his company would never allow Tina to sing Bucie's song.

"That is a blue lie. We are not low. Tina never performed her song. We love that song. It is one of the best songs ever produced in South Africa and Bucie is a good singer.

"I was freestyling on the mic and Tina joined me.

"She should not be stupid, she must be glad that we promote her music. If she wants us to stop freestyling with her song she must say so. Tina has lots of good songs."

Tina is no stranger to controversy, she allegedly assaulted two people at Zambezi Lounge in one week.